Diggalink Ashley Forest Rally Sprint 2008


Diggalink was principal sponsor of the iconic Ashley Forest Rally Sprint in 2008. John Giltrap of Diggalink (pictured above in his Subaru Impreza) has been a very enthusiastic rally driver for many years and remembers the days when the Ashley Forest Sprint was an event not to be missed. so was very keen to continue to continue to build the event.

The first Ashley Forest Rally Sprint Event ran in 1979 and was won by Steve Millen. The event grew to an iconic event in the Canterbury region producing a string of well-known motorsport winners - John Woolf, Paul Adams, Reg Cook, Neil Allport, Trevor Crowe, Tony Teesdale, Rod Millen, Possum Bourne, Kim Austin, Marty Roestenburg, Evan O'Leary, Steve Murphy, and Glenn Frew.

Kim Austin has the current record of 56.57 seconds, which he set in 1999.   This is still the target drivers aim at, if the conditions are right on the day.

This year competition began at 9am on both days with all drivers having qualifying runs on Saturday. Sunday's format started with all drivers doing the final qualifying run before the elimination runs began.

The Top 8 run off was a very close and adrenalin pumped sprint to decide the top 4.

Daniel Harris, Glenn Inkster, Steve Murphy, Clint Murphy, Glenn Frew, Clinton Anderson, Paul Nicoll and Karl Austin were all capable to challenge for those positions.

Eventually the top two  - Murphy & Inkster were left for the shoot-out to produce the overall winner - Steve Murphy.

John Giltrap of Diggalink was place 16th with a 1:07.95  after trouble with his turbo slowed him down.

Results – Top 8: Results based on when eliminated

1. Steve Murphy Mitsubishi Cordia    59.89    4WD Unlimited

2. Glenn Inkster Mitsubishi Evo 6.5   1:00.03    4WD Rally
3. Clint Murphy Mitsubishi Cordia   1:00.25     4WD Unlimited
4. Glenn Frew Mitsubishi Evo    1:02.90      4WD Unlimited
5. Clinton Anderson Mitsubishi Evo 6    1:02.87     4WD Unlimited
6. Daniel Harris Mitsubishi Evo 3    1:03.20      4WD Rally
7. Paul Nicoll Mitsubishi Evo 8    1:03.84     4WD Rally
8. Carl Austin Misubishi Evo 4 1.04.47 4WD Rally


John Giltrap - Diggalink a fellow competitor presenting the trophy to Steve Murphy