Digga Rental - Hire

Digga Rental part of Diggalink has a wide range of machinery available to hire including diggers and attachments, compactors, tip trucks.

Digga Rental has a range of equipment for hire:

  • Excavators (1-50t)

  • Buckets, Root Rakes, Rippers,
    Grabs / Grapples, Thumbs etc

  • Loaders

  • Farm Equipment

  • Trucks/Trailers

  • Compactors/Rammers (60-420kg)

  • Concrete/Asphalt Cutting Equipment

  • Competitive Rates / Flexible

  • Short Term / Long Term Available

  • Hire available South Island wide from the Digga Rental office in Rolleston, Canterbury near Christchurch.

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