Diggalink Product Warranty Procedure

For resolution of Warranty Claims, all of our customers are requested to follow the procedures outlined below

  • Determine if the fault is a warranty issue – Diggalink Warranty Policy (PDF)
  • Notify us immediately – before any repair / work is carried out on the machine, attachment or part.
  • Complete a Diggalink Warranty Claim Form and email, fax or post to Diggalink as soon as possible. Diggalink Warranty Claim Form (PDF)
  • Upon receipt of all the information and supporting material Diggalink will assess the claim, and advise details of the proposed action.

    Where Diggalink has decided to repair or replace, (in full or part) the defective item(s), such replacement / repair shall be arranged as quickly as possible. All indirect costs such as mileage, pick-up/delivery costs, removal and re-installation etc, are the responsibility of the Customer.

    Where repair work is to be carried out by a third party service workshop, it is the Customer‘s responsibility to arrange for the delivery of the defective item(s) to the premises of the authorized workshop. Upon completion of the required repair work, the workshop will return the item(s) to the Customer at the Customer‘s cost.

    Note:any repair work carried out by a third party prior to a Warranty Claim Number being issued by Diggalink shall have the effect of invalidating the claim.